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Filmmaker Málaga

As a freelance filmmaker based in Málaga I produce, direct, film and edit short films across many genres that engage, promote, educate and entertain.

Creative Direction

Each project is a collaboration, you bring great products, services and ideas; we bring creative execution, know-how and the best team to hit the brief.

Freelance Videographer

I am adept at ensuring I capture the best quality content for any given environment. I am friendly, resourceful and trained in production and post-production.

Freelance Cameraman

Working as a freelance cameraman for the last five years, I've received commissions to film a wide range of subjects across many varied environments.

Video edition

Boost ad impact with our exclusive, premium videos. Create eye-catching ads highlighting your offerings to connect with audiences.
Keep your brand center stage for significant advertising results.

Corporate videos

Strengthen the image of your company with our Corporate Videos, transmitting trust and authority in your sector.
Enhance the presence of your brand and stand out from the competition with quality productions that generate impact.

Video edition

Video editing is essential to highlight your content. We take care of giving that magical touch to your videos, whether for promotion, corporate communication or for your social networks. We are here to make sure that every detail counts and that your message reaches your audience in an impactful and personalized way.

Online & Social

Optimize your presence on social networks with personalized, high-quality audiovisual content.
We take care of keeping your profiles active and featured, giving you the visibility you need to reach your audience.

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